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  • Multicultural - Europe
    • Avignon, France, Festival of Avignon, July.
      Theater, dance, film. For more information, call

    • Berlin, Germany, Berlin Festival Weeks , August-September.
      Classical music, theater. Call +(030) 254890 for dates and info.

    • Copenhagen, Denmark, Cultural Night, March.
      Museums, theaters, libraries and restaurants stay open until at least midnight and provide entertainment. Call (212) 949-2333 for date and info.

    • Copenhagen, Denmark, Golden Age Festival , September.
      Concerts, tours, drama, ballet and exhibits mark the culturally rich era of 1800-1850. Call (212) 949-2333 for info.

    • Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh International Festival, August.
      One of Europe's major multimedia events, with theater, dance, etc. although music is the main attraction, ranging from chamber music to rock. For ticket and other information call (212) 986-2200 or +(31) 226 4001 or write: Edinburgh International Festival, 21 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BW, Scotland.

    • England, Heritage Open Days , September.
      More than 1,000 properties of historic, architectural or cultural interest open free to the public. Call (1891) 800639. (restricted to calls within Britain).

    • Hay-On-Wye, Wales, Sunday Times Hay Festival, Late May - early June.
      A celebration of language and literature, with writers William Trevor, Paul Theroux, Germaine Greer, P.D. James, Ranulph Fiennes, Julian Barnes, Melvyn Bragg and Kazuo Ishiguro. Call +(44-1497) 821299.

    • London, England, Notting Hill Carnival , August.
      West Indian carnival, live music, food stalls, arts and crafts. Call +(181) 964 0544.

    • Scotland Highland Festival, late May - early June.
      Storytelling, movies, dance, music art in castle drawing rooms, village halls, historic landmarks, hilltops, gardens, etc. Call +(44-1463) 719-000


  • Multicultural - Asia, Australia and Oceania
    • Sydney, Australia, Sydney Festival and Carnival , January.
      Music, dance, theater, film, food. Call +(2) 267 2311.

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