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Placing an Art For Sale Classified Ad is easy... call 1-800-336-9924   

Just a 2% Fee
We charge an upfront fee of 2% (or $50, whichever is greater) of your asking price to post your ad for a full year,
including the posting of a full color photo of the piece. Your ad will be posted immediately.

Only once the piece sells will we deduct a 13% transaction fee from the selling price.

1. You can sell your art on our site easily. We often have the photos on file. We only need the information about the piece and artist, plus an image of the piece, and a credit card number and contact information.  We will do everything for you, including handling the transaction. You don't need to be computer minded or to have an internet connection. A transaction is as easy as placing the ad. We always receive and inspect the art and act as the agent for sellers...and always collect the purchaser's money before we have you ship your art to us for inspection. When we handle the transaction, we know that both the seller and buyer are satisfied. We keep the money in escrow until the buyer has received and approved the piece.

2. Once the piece sells you pay shipping to us. In our experience the best and safest way for you to sell art is to have us handle the transaction for you. We are set up to make sure that both the seller and the purchaser are satisfied.

3. A transaction happens like this: We sell the art to a buyer.
We process the buyer's' credit card or receive a check.
You, the seller, ship the art to us, and pay the shipping. 
We inspect the art, and if it passes inspection, we then ship it to the buyer.
The buyer receives and approves the art. The buyer pays for shipping from us to them.
We pay you, the seller, by check, your net minus our 13% transaction fee.

4. Any changes to your ad must be in writing. You can change your ad once, free of charge. We charge $20.00 thereafter per change. If after 30 Days you have not had any satisfactory offers and would like to reduce your price you can do so for free, by email ... and we will place a "reduced" sticker on the ad for you. For urgent sales we will put an appropriate sticker such as "Illness forces sale", etc. We ask that you contact us by email if you want to make any changes to your ad, so that we can concentrate on quoting and selling. If your ad is not correct, we will correct it immediately at no charge.

5. You can pay for ads by check or credit card (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard). If you list more than 10 pieces we will give you a 25% discount.

Place your ad today and your ad will be in our classifieds within a few days.

For more information contact us by email at any time
or call our Toll Free Number: 1-800-336-9924.
Phones are answered 10am - 6pm Mon - Sat Central Time. Leave a message at other hours. Fax: (612) 337-8435.
International calls: (612) 338-4333.
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